Bet Din HaEMETH Vehashalom

Rabbinical Court Services With Unparalleled Integrity

Our mediators and arbitrators possess diverse subject matter expertise. Halachic (Jewish law) experts sit alongside attorneys and others with deep knowledge of contemporary business norms, and mental health professionals in complex family law matters.

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Din Torah (Arbitration) Services

The Beth HaEmeth VeHashalom is a full service mediation and arbitration organization that has earned a reputation, among Jews across the ideological spectrum, for handling dispute resolution with confidentiality, The Beth Din regularly arbitrates a wide range of disputes among parties, ranging in value from small claims to litigation

Bet Hora’ah (ask the Rabbi)

The Beth HaEmeth VeHashalom is also a Bet Horaa - Halachik responsas, about Monetary Matters, Shabbat and Chagim, Marital Laws, Kashrut, Laws of Daily Life, Mourning, Family Purity, Family Purity, Journey Through Life, Interpersonal Relationships, Tzedakah & Maaser, Berachot, Peace at Home and Children's Education (advice), Miscellaneous.

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Opening A Din Torah (Arbitration)
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